Welcome to Bella Co Hair! We are here to answer any questions you may have about our company. Here are some frequently asked questions:

1. Why are you offering free hair extensions? Is this a scam?

We are offering our customers free hair extensions for every set that is sold full price. Over the past three years, we have sold extensions on Ebay, Amazon, and many other outlets. We have had many loyal and amazing customers over the years and now we want to give back to you. All we ask is that you pay shipping for the extensions. No, this is not a scam. :)

2. Are your extensions real human hair?

When scrolling our website, you will find that we have high quality, heat-resistant hair extensions made from the finest fibers, Remy Human Hair, and Heat-resistant wigs. You have the option to purchase from our real human hair section, or our synthetic sections. 

3. How long do your extensions last?

Our extensions last depending on how often they are worn, as well as how well they are taken care of. We do not recommend washing the extensions as that will diminish the length of their life. We recommend always using a heat protectant spray on the hair to ensure that it is not damaged when using hot tools. If you take care of the extensions well, they can last anywhere from six to twelve months, even more.

4. Do you offer an ambassador program?

Currently we are not offering any ambassador or affiliate programs. However, check back in the future as that may be something we offer.

5. How do I know what color I am?

You may email us at bellacohair@gmail.com to color match you, or the color chart provided is below:


6. Where do you ship from?

We have shipping warehouses in the United States and China. Depending on the stock of our products and the address of the customer will depend on what hub the order is shipped from. 

7. I do not like my extensions. May I receive a refund?

You may only receive a refund if the extensions are sent back to us in perfect condition as they were sent out. We do not accept used extensions, or extensions that have been worn. You have 7 days from delivery to send back the extensions for a full refund if they do not match your hair color.




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